2. Installing Ultim8e Deployer

Step 1: Extract and Upload

Unzip the downloaded archive package. Rename the Deployer-V1.2 directory to your desired directory name and upload the directory to your web server through FTP or Control Panel

Step 2: Creating Database

Create a database for Ultim8e Deployer through your server control panel. If your server has phpMyAdmin, then you can also create a database using phpMyAdmin or you can use MySQL Workbench Tool.

Step 3: Run Installation Wizard

Go to your website address, you’ll then see an installation wizard.

You should configure your web server’s document/webroot to be the public directory.

Pre Installation

Pre Installation page checks if your server meets the requirements and has the correct directory permissions to setup Ultim8e Deployer.

Directories within the storage and the bootstrap/cache directories should be writable by your web server or Ultim8e Deployer will not run.



You need to fill the licensing information. You can find License key in the inbox of your email account that you have used while purchasing. In an Email address, you will use the same email address that you have used while purchasing it on the Ultim8e.com website.



You need to fill the database connection details, administration details, email configuration details, and AWS queue details then click the Install button to install Ultim8e Deployer.



You’ll see a success message after successfully installing Ultim8e Deployer. You now have the option to log into the administration panel.

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