Adding Project

Create a project by going to Projects > New Project.

  1. Enter the name that you can easily memorize for this project
  2. Select the project environment.
  3. Select the repository tool that you have your laravel project repository hosted on along with other required fields. (if you need any help with repository settings please visit our support page.
  4. Select the option for Notification and enter relevant information.
  5. Project Base path is the path that will be used for Deployment purpose. Set the deployment path to /var/www/
  6. Check the radio button if you would like to deploy the project automatically once anyone commits to the branch.
  7. Provide the live URL in-case if you would like to monitor it.
  8. Select the server that you have added during previous step of this article.
  9. Click on Save.

If you are planning to use auto deployment then enable the option Need to deploy project automatically. Enabling this options it will inform Ultim8e Deployer to automatically deploy to the provided server. 

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