Adding Server

Now to connect Ultim8e Deployer with your server, we need to create a server by going to Servers > New Server.

  1. Enter the name that you can easily memorize and select SSH/SFTP from the list of protocols.
  2. Enter the IP Address of your server into the Hostname field.
  3. We recommend you to Create a separate user for Ultim8e Deployer. You can read the article on how to create user for Ultim8e Deployer at the bottom of this article.
  4. Add Password. (If you wish to use SSH Key then set it ON. You can read the article on how to use SSH Key at the bottom of this article)
  5. Click on Save.

Once you save the see the list of all the servers. From that list click on SSH Key button on the server that you have recently created for this project.

Creating user for Ultim8e Deployer

For security reasons, we recommend you to create a separate user for the use of deployments.

sudo adduser ultimate
sudo usermod -a -G apache ultimate

Note: We assume that you are using Apache web service. If you are using any other web service then please change the name of the group accordingly.

Adding SSH Key to Server

Once the server is added, Go to Servers > Click on SSH Key button on the server that you have recently created.

su - ultimate
mkdir ~/.ssh
chmod 700 ~/.ssh
nano ~/.ssh/authorized_keys

Paste Ultim8e Deployer’s public key, then press Ctrl + X, y then Enter to save.

Now set the correct permissions on the authorized_keys file.

chmod 600 ~/.ssh/authorized_keys

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