Setting-up Microsoft Team Notifications

If you are planning to use Microsoft Teams integration, you to send notifications of deployments directly into a Microsoft Teams channel. For more information about Teams, visit their website.

To setup Microsoft Team notifications, head to any of your project and Edit the project.

Once you Edit the project you can see the option of Notification Via select the Microsoft Team option and add the webhook URL of the webhook connector you wish to use to send notifications to. You can find out how to generate a new webhook connector at the bottom of this article..

Generating a new webhook connector

To generate a new webhook connector, you’ll need to login to your Microsoft Teams account, then search for Incoming Webhooks at top of the screen.

Within the Incoming Webhook, click Add to a team.

Next, choose a channel to post notifications to, and click Set up a connector:

Then you’ll be able to Provide the name, upload the logo and click the Create button at the bottom of the dialog:

Once above step is done you will see the webhook URL at the bottom of the dialog.

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