How to view historical changes?​​

Viewing a list of the latest commits

If you want to see what’s happened recently in your project, you can use git log. This command will output a list of the latest commits in chronological order, with the latest commit first.

Every commit in the list will look a little something like this:

commit 0fde76ffe06a493c32322ea9539b352606bf41a8
Author: Bhavik (Ingress IT Solutions)
Date: Mon Aug 19 20:58:56 2019 +0530

Added few more features and changes in UI

You’ll be able to see the name of who made the commit, their e-mail address, what time the commit was made, and the message they entered when they committed.

Commit hashes

The long string following the word commit is called the commit hash. It’s unique identifier generated by Git. Every commit has one, and I’ll show you what they’re used for shortly.

Note: The “commit hash” is sometimes called a Git commit “reference” or “SHA”.

Navigating and exiting the list of commits

You can use the arrow keys to navigate up and down, or press the spacebar to view the next page same as it happens when you use command more in Linux/MAC. To exit the list, just press the letter q on your keyboard.