Ultim8e-Deployer Features

Ultim8e Deployer Comes with a Wealth of Powerful Features and Tools

Zero Downtime Deployment

Zero downtime deployments (or atomic deployments as they're sometimes known) allow changes to be prepared on the server and made live simultaneously. Historically, changes are all uploaded into a live directory which means some times are updated before others which can lead to inconsistencies. With zero downtime deployments, all changes are prepared in a staging directory and then moved into place once all changes are ready. This ensures all changes made in your deployment are live at the same time.

Build Scripts

In Ultim8e Deployer, build scripts allow you to define a series of commands to be ran whenever you deploy your project to your server(s). Whether you’re compiling a production build of your application, installing dependencies, or clearing the cache after a deployment; it’s easy to write commands to be run for every deployment. All files generated by your build commands can be uploaded to your server, meaning you don’t have to keep compiled files in your GitHub repository or install dependencies on your server. You can also execute as many SSH commands as you want before and after every deployment if you’re deploying to a server via SFTP.

Deployment Target

In Ultim8e Deployer, deployment targets are destinations for your code. For you, this could be a single server on DigitalOcean, AWS Cloud, Google Cloud, Microsoft Azure, Alibaba Cloud that all run the same application. You can consider a target representing a specific environment that your code lives on, such as a production or staging server. Within a Ultim8e Deployer project, you can only connect to a single repository and server, however you are currently developing feature on adding as many targets as you like.

Deploy behind firewal

This might be useful in corporate or educational institutions where your app is only accessible internally, and not available to the outside world. Quite simply, the Ultim8e Deployer sits on a server at the edge of a network, and keeps a persistent, secure connection to your network. Then, if you want to deploy to that same server, or anything behind it, you just have to allow the ip-address access by adding the server’s local IP address to its whitelist.

Automatic Deployment

Your repository hosting provider can tell us whenever you push, so you can deploy your changes without having to log in and manually start a deployment. With a simple post-receive hook, Ultim8e Deployer will automatically begin deploying your website to your server whenever you push your code to GitHub, GitLab or Gitea. You can even start a deployment with a simple POST request. Automatic deployments are particularly useful if:

You want to deploy instantly whenever you make any changes.

You have a staging environment which should always run the latest version of a specific branch.

Collision Detection

See who is working on the same ticket to avoid duplicate responses.

You have a static site as you can make edits and deploy from anywhere in the world.

Powerful Integrations

Ultim8e Deployer integrates with a number of popular third-party services to improve your development workflow.








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